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Yeah, autodesk doesn't support Mac 10.6, so the the multiple users above all have to be Windows users. I will repeat my post somewhere else, there is no working plugin for Mac 10.6.4 for either Safari or Firefox. And no support to this point on the web site, and nobody to e-mail for the answer.

Nate or Katie, can you tell me a mapping program similair (a competitor) that works with Mac, I can then propose to Pinellas County to switch to that instead of the GIS Viewer. Thanks.

Or, can you tell me if this plugin exists and where to find it? The 10.4 Safari plugin doesn't work at all.


Hi Bill,
There are a number of counties that are on Mapguide 6.5, the predecessor to MapGuide Enterprise, and I think Pinellas County is one of them. Most are in the process of migrating to something newer, such as Mapguide Enterprise, which is much better about platform neutrality. You might suggest that, or there are numerous other server based or even tools that leverage web mapping APIs such as that of Google Maps.

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